Adult Classes

Willing Workers

Taught by Katherine Speck, this is a mature group of Christians that enjoy directed discussion.

Ron’s Class

Taught by Ron Shawver, this is a group of diverse ages that explore the church’s teachings in a instructive format.

Stepping Stones

Taught by Dawn Grager, this is a group of younger – middle aged adults that enjoy directed discussion.

Young Adults

Taught by Mark Teeters, this is a group of young adults and high school seniors that enjoy directed discussion.

Youth & Children’s Classes 

-Nursery (0— 2yr. old’s) – Ellie and Shayla Bishop
-Kinder Class (3,4 & 5 yr. old’s, Kindergarten) – taught by Eileen Crotsley
-1st thru 5th graders – taught by Todd Miller
-6th thru 12th graders – taught by Hannah Smith
  Other Sources for Education: 
Church of the Nazarene: CLT/Lay Ministry Curriculum: